ssd vps germany


safeVirtual Server the perfect solution for demanding web projects that require specific software and additional services that are hosted on a standard are not available. In addition, VPS fully self-contained, that is, its performance depends on the owner of root-access. ssd vps germany
Our hosting services are powered by Intel Xeon E5-2620 and Intel Core i7-4770 processors. All our servers are equipped with fast SSD drives, allowing you to achieve incredible results in work and high performance servers. You will be amazed at the speed of your websites and applications!At the root servers using KVM virtualization system that allows a clear distinction between the resources and provide the VPS-server in the configuration in which it ordered the customer. Virtual server gives its owner the opportunity.
If you are not an expert in the web administration panel ISPManager Lite (set free) or cPanel, will provide you with VPS control without additional knowledge of the server software. At its VPS using the panel, you can: create hosting accounts, to get users to allocate a place to create mailboxes, the FTP-accounts, etc.