viking jewelry


Our Celtic, Gothic and Viking Jewelry collection offers original and unique designs from early to late medieval period. Designs are inspired by art, architecture and cultural life of the time. Interestingly, Viking and Celtic Jewelry was mostly preferred in Silver, an alloy that was not common during the medieval period. Design and patterns of the Viking age, making them stand out from mundane jewelry of the present age. While most pieces are made with .925 Silver, some of the Celtic Jewelry is made with Cobalt-free solid Tungsten Carbide, the second hardest material, only preceded by diamonds, on the Mohs scale.The beautiful bracelets and necklaces made by Viking artisans leave archaeologists with something of a conundrum viking jewelry . These objects are made from rods of gold and silver which have twisted together into double helices. The puzzle is the regularity of these helices, which are remarkably similar in jewelry found in places as diverse as Ireland, Scotland, the Orkney Islands and Scandinavia.How could craftsmen have achieved this regularity in such disparate places? The answer comes today thanks to the work of Kasper Olsen and Jakob Bohr at the Technical University of Denmark. They point out that two wires become maximally twisted when no more rotations can be added with deforming the double helix. They go on to demonstrate the properties of maximally twisted wires. (We looked at a similar but more detailed argument about the properties of old rope a few weeks back.)